Dead Butterfly

I took this about 2 years ago while camping. At first I really didn’t like the shot other than how crisp the water droplets looked. About a year ago I tried some things in photoshop with it and really liked the outcome. At the time I had just learned the methods, but all that I did was some selctive desaturation and some burning and dodging.

I had forgotten all about this photo, but last night I was deleting some photos from some files and re-discovered it. I think it’s a pretty good. Especially when I think of how new to the hobby I was when I took it. I think I had owned a camera for about a week! The framing say the least, but I think it works fairly well. I wish I had known enough to get a photo of the whole butterfly and not just the wing. But, who knows, maybe that would have made it worse…I’ll stop rambling now lol


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